Grains of wisdom

I had the pleasure of showcasing my latest series “Grains of Wisdom” in Paris at Le Pavillon des Canaux. This has been a collaborative project with a talented musician named Mariama who asked me if I was interested in coming up with collages for her song “Grains of Wisdom”. I was very excited about this opportunity for my work to be portrayed in combination with a song for a music video. This has been such a fun project working out the different Themes and women to portray. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this and enjoy the latest series! More infos soon for the music video (I was able to have a preview of it and let me say it is to die for!) much love to you all! 




Sneak preview of some of the pieces!  

Surrender to your soul&the rest will follow “A journey from pain to paper: a story of surrender, reflection and finding self love.”

This exhibition is about my journey to selflove. I picked out a variety of pieces from different years which depict my journey of pain, love and surrender. After a traumatizing experience, where I found myself lost emotionally. I had to admit that I made myself over the years emotionally dependent on the people in my life. It was very hard to be confronted with this Realisation and I remember being filled with shame and questions such as “how did this happen to me?” “Why am I like this and what’s wrong with me?”. It took a lot of courage, strength and tears in accepting that I had a problem. But I battled through it and went on the most exciting ride of my life. I worked on my self worth (and still am). I started to see all my attributes as well as accepting my faults, which led me to embrace everything in full. It was like a domino effect. Once all the blocks hit one another, I came to the finish line: and there it was - self love. It did not stop there, I started to cultivate this precious gift which I had given myself, which was hidden inside of me - my entire life. By cutting out all toxic relationships, which I so dearly clung onto, I started to become happy. This taught me to become my own bestfriend. Allowing yourself to be worthy, allowing yourself to receive love, allowing yourself to not have to put up with other people’s negativity and most importantly celebrating every aspect of yourself with no judgement and instead treating yourself kindly. Because the only affirmation you should get, is the one to yourself and not from others. Be kind with yourself ❤️


I also decided to link up with “Kinder Jemens in Not e.V. “ and help the children in my home country Yemen. All proceeds from the sold artwork will go to them. I hope to somehow create an awareness, as yemen is not highlighted in the media and children are dying from malnutrition. We can no longer shut our eyes from this. Spread the word! The exhibition will showcase until 14.07.2018 at Alte Feuerwehrwache in Cologne. A big Thank you to http:/ /  for having me and contributing to this good cause by showcasing my artwork. 


Why buy art?

I thought I'd take the chance to clear up some misconceptions some people might have about Art&Artists. Why buy art? Well for starters because it enriches your life with beauty. You're not just investing in a piece, you're are investing into a piece of someone's soul, growth, love and experience. Years of trial and error are being paid for (that is why art isn't always inexpensive to come by). But also have you thought of why art is not sold for a buck? Well think about this: it is a full time job which has no employer sending a paycheck by the end of the month as well as no health benefits or paid holidays. If there was no art the world would be a dark place; be it the song of a musician that makes you feel a certain way, or the art performance of a dancer which moves you and inspires you to dream. Or in my case beautiful collages from a long process of where I collect paper from my travels and daily journeys. It takes a lot of time and money for me to do what I do, and I am so grateful for my clients who appreciate my art in supporting me. Because it moves and inspires them. I plead to you that the next time you wonder why an artist might be in your opinion expensive, then remember all the points I've mentioned above. Thank you all, I am grateful for all your support, love and appreciation! 💋✌🏽️❤️ #buyart #investinart #love #unity #support #supportyourlocalartist