MMP by Grace Mateo

by Denise Kynd

Hello Hello as I wrote in my post awhile back about the project that I am collaborating in I would like to show you my take on beauty in the middle east. I chose that because I felt that since I live here and am also half yemeni it would be great to share my perception on beauty of a woman from here. they take pride in the silks that they cover themselves with and the luxurious perfume oils that are so carefully selected and mixed to each ones individual taste. The sensuality of beauty in the middle east is so fascinating to me on how the eyes are the main point and are accentuated by either kajal (arabic eyeliner) or even covered with a traditional bedouin Niqab (a gold mask which is worn around the eyes and nose). Personally I have always felt that the eyes are the doors to the soul and beauty, and that's exactly why I chose to add a Niqab to my piece which Grace sent me. I also used a colourful embellished scarf to cover the hair. But my main point is for the viewer to instantly be drawn to eyes...