The Y - KTUB

Kynd was invited to speak to the youth at The Y - KTUB in Kirkland, Seattle this week! I was welcomed with a loud and enthusiastic entrance by all the wonderful people there. I immediately felt like I was at home (not that anyone in my house welcomes me with a loud "HEEEYYY DENISEEEEE" hehe). That said, it made everything so much easier for me and I didn't want to leave, actually I think I might have looked for a place to hide so that they would be stuck with me forever. It was fantastic to meet all the young emerging Artists from illustrators to musicians who all shared one goal and that is a DREAM and dedication! I feel honoured to have been invited and to speak about my experiences and give some pointers, but honestly these peeps were on point and I am sure I will hear from them in the very near future and so will you, because talent and determination from what I have seen cannot be stopped! Kudos to the entire Y - KTUB team for contributing their time&effort to have such great establishments like this alive to nourish the young and determined with such a great facility space for them to reach their goals and dreams and that truly is an ART.

Big thank you to the amazing Kalika Curry who approached me and made this happen! 

love and peace