<<< Kynd's first newspaper article >>>

Here it is! My first newspaper article in the "Westerwälder Zeitung", an entire page:) I am absolutely-over-the-top-excited about this! The article is about my "back to the roots in the woods" project 2014. It is in German so I will give you a short brief in English about what it discusses.

As I have mentioned before in my previous posts I am doing a project in the town where I partly grew up as a child. I am reconnecting with my roots that lay here. Since I am half Yemeni and half German I thought it would be exciting to reconnect with my German half and doing pieces based on my family that stems from here, like the one of my grandfather (from my previous post).

Being influenced by the memories which I have growing up as a child here, it brings up a lot of inspiration for my work and I am so excited to share this with you and give you an insight on where I am from.

I have also called out to the community here to give workshops on collage art and have already gotten a lot of responses from people and schools. I feel blessed to have an audience that is intrigued and inspired to what I do and cannot wait to share it with you aswell! ❤️

print version.

print version.