||| Mash^up |||

Here I am, in the woods were I once grew up as a child... And my project "back to the roots in the woods" is slowly reaching it's final days of completion.

The idea came not too long ago and it has been lingering in the back of my mind to incorporate some parts of my yemeni background, like the clay ornament you see in the picture, which is used to burn incents. Being half Yemeni/German is very complex as an adult to find your way in the world, when you are faced with not "one" background but yet "two" that are worlds apart from each other culturally and traditionally. Never am I really a 100% accepted in either one of them and I don't mean this in a ostracizing way but more in a compassionate way from my view of understanding that I do not fit into a "drawer" that is so desperately needed. I choose to then just be human. Here I am.