A Collaboration with Kynd & Tony Fadel for CCCL - Children's Cancer Center Lebanon

It has been an exciting journey since I was asked two years ago by Antoine Fadel to collaborate with him on a pretty amazing project. At first I thought he was interested in hiring me as a stylist since I looked him up, to find out that he is a Film maker/Photographer. With a short Movie at Cannes, I was intrigued as to how he would wish to collaborate with me not even thinking once that my collage work would be part of it. I was soon to be surprised. We met up to discuss this his project which he had been planning for quite some time, I was intrigued and obviously accepted.

He wanted to capture 12 emotions of people and asked me to do use my collage expertise around each piece. But the best part he kept for last; the proceed for this should go to charity. Obviously I said YES :)

A year later and a venue with sponsors such as Redbull to name a few, we had the long awaited opening for this Noble Cause for the Children's Cancer Center in Lebanon (CCCL)

It has been an amazing experience and I am very honored to have been asked to take part in this collaboration. xx D.