Why buy art?

I thought I'd take the chance to clear up some misconceptions some people might have about Art&Artists. Why buy art? Well for starters because it enriches your life with beauty. You're not just investing in a piece, you're are investing into a piece of someone's soul, growth, love and experience. Years of trial and error are being paid for (that is why art isn't always inexpensive to come by). But also have you thought of why art is not sold for a buck? Well think about this: it is a full time job which has no employer sending a paycheck by the end of the month as well as no health benefits or paid holidays. If there was no art the world would be a dark place; be it the song of a musician that makes you feel a certain way, or the art performance of a dancer which moves you and inspires you to dream. Or in my case beautiful collages from a long process of where I collect paper from my travels and daily journeys. It takes a lot of time and money for me to do what I do, and I am so grateful for my clients who appreciate my art in supporting me. Because it moves and inspires them. I plead to you that the next time you wonder why an artist might be in your opinion expensive, then remember all the points I've mentioned above. Thank you all, I am grateful for all your support, love and appreciation! 💋✌🏽️❤️ #buyart #investinart #love #unity #support #supportyourlocalartist