Get  your  own  custom  Kynd  Collage

Your home or office is in need of Artwork? you're hesitant in purchasing  print  artwork, I  feel  you.

Are  you  a  fan  of  someone  specific?  A Musician?  A Public  Figure? Or is there an Image which you adore and would like to have it up cycled.  What  better  way  then  creating  something  unique  and  a  one  of  a  kind  piece.  Why  not  even  use  yourself  as  a  center  piece, there are endless possibilities. 

I  like  to  Consult  my  clients  in  an  initial  meeting,  in  order  to  get an idea where the direction will be moving to.  Your interest, stories and space will flow into the bigger picture of it all. This will play the main role in creating  your  one  of  a  kind Collage  piece. It's about you.

Apart  from  my  personal  collections,  I  have  made  custom  pieces  for  my  clients  over  the  years.  Some  were  big  fans  of  a  specific  musician,  while  others  wanted  to  use  a  picture  of  themselves;  commemorating  their  wedding  anniversary -  to  even  a remembrance piece, of a late  member  of  their  family or friend.  feel  free  to  contact  me  and  let's  chat!  I am excited to hear from you.

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