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Denise Kynd

is an international Mulitalent

I  love  paper  and  it  is  my  medium.  Throughout  my  travels  I  have  collected  different  types  of papers,  unique  to  a  place  or  often  having  a  particular  appeal  to  my  tastes.  Varied  colors, textures  and  patterns  are  what  attract  me  most  and  I  find  the  most  joy  working  with  them. Combining  these  papers  with  my  memories  allow  me  to  create  this  world  where  neither  time  nor  space  are  valued,  it  is  in  the  moment  which  I  create,  as  if  in  a  meditative  trance allowing  my  subconscious  to  flow  freely.  A  therapeutic  element  of  collage  art  is  meticulously working  with  glue;  I  enjoy  the  feel  of  it  on  my  hands  as  I  delicately  handle  each  piece  of paper  and  carefully  remove  the  air  bubbles  that  naturally  form  underneath.  My  work  embodies “symmetrical  chaos,”  I  am  able  to  cause  tension  by  slightly  skewing  the  repeated  and  mirrored images.  Balance  is  also  achieved  through  use  of  a  consistent  palette.  At  times,  I  will  include strokes  of  paint  to  accentuate  particular  aspects  of  an  image,  but  I  do  not  rely  heavily  upon this  medium.  I  use  a  central  image  as  a  focal  point  and  as  the  beginning  narrative  to  a piece. The  main  image  dictates  the  layout,  the  color  scheme,  and  ultimately  the  resulting  mood.  My major  pieces  consist  of  appropriated  commercial  images,  bringing  to  light  media’s  influence  on social  aesthetics,  while  at  the  same  time  discussing  the  modern  human  experience.  These  are images  that  we  can  all  relate  to  because  of  their  familiarity.  I  see  my  work  as  cyclical,  I recycle  materials  which  are  normally  overlooked  or  easily  thrown  away  for  the  next  new  thing and  give  them  a  meaningful,  eternal  life.



  • 2010 The JamJar / Groupshow / Dubai

  • 2011 Dubai Mall / Mega Doll 2.0 / Dubai

  • 2013 STILL / CharityEvent / ChildrenCancerCenterLebanon / Dubai

  • 2013 KTUB / Seattle

  • 2014 BCK TO THE ROOTS IN THE WOODS 2014 / Germany


  • 2014-16 BA GRAPHIC DESIGN /University Of Hertfordshire

  • 2015 Den Gallery / Kuwait

  • 2015 Perseverance Of Papillon / Three Corners Hotel / El Gouna

  • 2016 Steigenberger Golf Resort Hotel / El Gouna

  • 2016 Internship Leo Burnett / Cairo

  • 2016 PopUp Shop / Cairo

  • 2017 Stadtrevue Internship / Cologne

  • 2017 NiehlerFreiheit “Kunst Aus Nichts” / Cologne

  • 2017 The Platform045 / Heerlen

  • 2017 Ürbäng Festival / Cologne

  • 2018 “Surrender To Your Soul And The Rest Will Follow” CharityEvent / Kinder Jemens In Not E.V. / Cologne

  • 2018 Grains Of Wisdom Collaboration Project Music Video

  • 2018 Le Pavillon Des Canaux / Paris

  • 2018 Yemeni Girl / Bash / Cologne

  • 2019 PLAY Collaboration Byron Art / Cologne

  • 2019 Bubble - EQUITY / Cologne

  • 2019 Songversations / Berlin

  • 2020 16.Kunstnacht Wallraf-Richartz-Museum / Cologne

  • 2021 Digital exhibition developed as part of UMMA’s Guest Instagram Curator Program

  • 2021 "bygones are bygones" curator Marie Donike / Cologne

  • 2022 Dejlig Conceptstore / Cologne

  • 2022 Agata Roastery / Mannheim

  • 2022 ßphase Co-working cafe /Cologne

  • 2022 LeverkusenKunstnacht / Leverkusen

  • 2022 ARTY FARTY Artspace & Gallery / Cologne

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